how to get on the employee benefits scheme

There are some staffs who will not be automatically enrolled in the employee benefits scheme provided by their employer. They are, therefore, allowed to take the ‘opt-in’ option. Once they have opted in, their employer would be obligated to make a contribution to the scheme.

By default, employee benefits uk schemes in the UK get automatic membership from employees working for their clients. Where some employees have been left out, the employer can inform them in writing about the two available options, either opt-in or join.

It is up to the staff to decide whether they want to ‘opt-in’ or ‘join’ the employee benefits scheme. To opt in, you have to be between 16 and 21 years of age or on a state pension up to the age of 74. Your earnings should be £10,000 a year or more.

You can also opt into employee benefits in the UK if you are aged between 16 and 74 years and your income lies between £6,032 and £10,000 a year, inclusive.

However, staff may also join a pension scheme if their age lies between 16 and 74 years and earn less than £6,032 a year.

If you ask to leave the employee scheme after opting in or being enrolled, you are free to opt in again. But that shouldn’t happen within a span of fewer than 12 months.

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